Nedelkov: The strike goes as planned


The strike in the schools and kindergartens has started, from what has been sent to me so far as a message from most of my colleagues, it goes as planned. For the most part or a huge part, the strike is free of any serious problems, president of the Independent Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) Jakim Nedelkov told.

The SONK will hold a press conference to inform about the assessment of the strike and possible problems on Monday afternoon.

“If there was a conflict situation or pressure on those on strike, the children would have to be accepted. We said that the strikers would be in a separate room. The responsibility for accepting students or children in kindergartens will be on the principals. They cannot force the strikers to do what they should not do during the strike at any cost or by force,” Nedelkov added.

The general strike in schools and kindergartens is organized by SONK because their request to immediately increase the salaries of employees in education and kindergartens by 18.4 percent has not been met, i.e. their harmonization with the increase of the minimum wage, which from this month has increased from 15,200 to 18,000 denars, as well as additional – the minimum wage to be the basis by which to multiply the coefficients of complexity of jobs.

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