There’s a document that we’re ready to accept as an agreement, we are waiting for an answer from Bulgaria – too early to inform about the details


As soon as we have an agreement on any document, that it can be the basis for an agreement with Bulgaria before the signing of that document, we will come and inform the MPs and the general public,” Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani told a press conference on Thursday.

Osmani stressed that he still cannot say that there is an agreement between the two sides regarding a document that should be a comprehensive solution to all the differences we have with the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Yes, there is such a document that we are ready to accept, but until we get an answer that it is acceptable for the Republic of Bulgaria, I think those preconditions have not matured so that I can inform the MPs and the public, because it could be rejected, then all that would be unnecessary,” Osmani said, answering reporters’ questions about a possible agreement with Bulgaria.


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