We all strive for the same goal, only our paths are different, says Nedelkov


SONK President Jakim Nedelkov referred to the request sent on Thursday to the strikers in education by the Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri who demanded an end to the general strike in the interest of students and the resumption of negotiations to increase the salaries of teachers.

“We all strive for the same goal at this moment, only the paths we follow are different. Our goal is for students to return to school and children in preschools as soon as possible, but the roads are different. We need to cross somewhere and find a mutually acceptable solution to end the strike,” said the leader of SONK Nedelkov.

Nedelkov referred to the support received by the SONK strikers and the joining of more schools after the strike began, but also to the pressures that the strikers have, primarily from some principals.

“The strike cannot be stopped without an acceptable proposal from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Any proposal will go to the vote before the membership. If 50 percent plus one vote say it is acceptable as a step towards improving social dialogue, but if there is no 50 percent we will not accept an end to the strike. Let them give a percentage, let it be 18.4 percent or another percentage. We must have a proposal from them, to offer something real. If not we cannot interrupt it. Any proposal will go to the membership to be reviewed,” added Nedelkov.

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