Mucunski: Secret negotiations are always to the detriment of the state, the Government must share over what it is negotiating


Whenever secret negotiations were held as part of foreign policy, they were to the detriment of the state. We have seen such a statement from Minister Bujar Osmani and not only we as a political entity, but also the general public expect to receive an answer on what exactly is being negotiated with our neighbor, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Timcho Mucunski answering the media asked regarding the statement made by Foreign Minister Osmani that there is a document between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Mucunski stressed that it should be presented to the public, but there are also institutions of the system such as the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia which if there is such a document, at a closed or open session of the Foreign Policy Committee it should be presented.

“We strive to move towards the most developed democracies, but we do not respect the principles of the most developed democracies. To discuss national interests, a consensus must be established. Then, once some agreements are reached that very few people in the country know about, the opposition cannot be expected to accept them as they are. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government should explain to the Macedonian public exactly what is being negotiated and find an institutional way through which all political entities in the country will be explained what steps are being taken and in which direction the negotiations are being conducted,” said Mucunski.



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