Germany responds to decoupling demands: Macedonia made sacrifices, now it is Albania’s turn


German Ambassador to Albania Peter Zingraf stands firmly on his position that North Macedonia and Albania should not be decoupled in the Euro-integration process.

Commenting on the recent statements made by Prime Minister Edi Rama for Ora News TV that if negotiations for Albania from the EU countries are not opened in June, he will ask for secession from North Macedonia, the German diplomat emphasizes that N. Macedonia deserves to wait, reminding Rama of 2020 when “the country agreed to wait for Albania”.

“We were surprised by the fact that an issue between North Macedonia and Bulgaria intervened in this process. In 2020, North Macedonia had to wait for Albania in the context of the integration process and now we have the same situation. Everyone works with some pressure to avoid and remove these obstacles that stand in the way. The French presidency is ready to convene the first intergovernmental conference shortly. I think N. Macedonia deserves to be waited and Albania needs to show solidarity with it,” Zingraf said.

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