Less favorable economic situation in the processing industry compared to 2021


Аccording to the assessment of the managers of business entities, the indicator of confidence in the processing industry in March compared to February this year decreased by 0.5 percentage points and amounted to 13.3, and compared to March last year decreased by 1.2 percentage points, informed the State Statistical Office.

The state of supply of production with orders in March 2022, compared to February 2022, has not changed, expectations for the volume of production in the next three months are less favorable compared to the previous month, and stocks of finished products have increased.

The assessment of the economic situation of the business entities in March compared to February this year is less favorable, and it is less favorable compared to March 2021. The number of employees is expected to decrease.

The average capacity utilization of business entities in March 2022 was 65.5 percent of normal utilization.

The biggest impact on limiting the volume of production have: the shortage of skilled labor by 16.2 percent, insufficient foreign demand by 19.4 percent, uncertain economic environment by 15.3 percent and insufficient domestic demand by 13 percent.


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