Mickoski: Kovachevski and Osmani threaten Macedonia’s negotiating positions


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, while answering a media question whether the opposition knows exactly what the new non-paper for negotiations with Bulgaria contains, said that he ‘believes that what Kovachevski and Osmani are doing is a direct threat to the negotiating positions’, adding that it is inappropriate and shameful that Osmani accepts an agreement that has already been rejected once.

“We only have certain speculations that we either find out from the media or channels that are unofficial, but that is irrelevant information that comes to us. I am really ashamed of what Kovachevski and Osmani are doing to the citizens of Macedonia. And what Osmani did by accepting an agreement that was already reached a few months ago, is no longer tomato diplomacy, this simply borders on something that is even lower than that tomato diplomacy. I am ashamed that the citizens pay practically money to this type of politicians to receive salaries and to enjoy privileges on the backs of the people who are barely making ends meet in these times of crisis. It is really inappropriate for a foreign minister three months after that proposal, as they say from the Bulgarian side, so they say, I do not even know if it is true, to accept something, which they already rejected three months ago. It’s like talking about last year’s snow,” Mickoski said.


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