Agricultural activities halted due to rain and snow


The change of weather that started this weekend, especially yesterday, with the drastic drop of temperatures and rain and snow in the mountains, will interrupt the agricultural activities that are usual for this period of the year.

According to the agro-meteorologists from the HMS, in the second half of this week, a gradual clearing is expected, which will bring higher daily temperatures. Morning temperatures are expected to be negative in some parts of the country, but will not cause major damage, perhaps only a thinning of the fruit yield.

“The gradual clearing and flow of air will not lead to the appearance of negative morning temperatures in most parts of the measuring points in the country, with the exception of Berovo, Palanka and part of Pelagonija. Such temperatures are not expected to cause significant damage to fruit trees in these regions. It is only possible to thin the crop, and here should be taken into account the location of the plantation, exposure and duration of temperatures,” said agro-meteorologists.

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