There are sufficient quantities of cooking oil, claims Lazov


    The price of cooking sunflower oil will be between 2.20 – 2.40 euros or a maximum of 2.50 euros and this price will be maintained, especially after the holidays. There will also be enough cooking oil in the markets. The citizens should not worry, nor should they buy more in order to accumulate stocks, said the general director of the oil factory “Blagoj Gjorev” in Veles, Goran Lazov.
    I do not expect price increases. After the holiday the price will stabilize and the markets will be full of cooking oil. There is no need for the citizens to stock up, there will be enough oil on the market, said Lazov after the meeting with the Ministers of Economy and Agriculture, Kreshnik Bekteshi and Ljupco Nikolovski who visited the factory.
    According to Lazov, in Bulgaria the price of oil is 180 denars or six levs, and around four euros in Greece.
    Asked by the media, the director stressed that there is enough raw material. Procurements are continuously made from Bulgaria.
    Lazov expressed hope that the sunflower will return to the Macedonian agricultural areas.
    “We used to produce about 40,000 tons of sunflower, and last year we bought less than 4,000 tons. That is only 10 percent of what we had as a state, underlined Lazov. The annual capacity of the factory “Blagoj Gjorev” is 40,000 tons of sunflower, and 16,000 tons of crude oil can be stored.

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