Orthodox Christians celebrate Good Friday, the day of Christ’s suffering


Orthodox Christians today celebrate Good Friday, the day which besides Good Friday is also known to the people as Crucifixion Friday, because on that day Jesus Christ was crucified.

That is why this day is considered to be the most difficult holiday in the Christian religion. Good Friday, as opposed to the usual celebration of religious holidays with holy liturgies and the offering of the so-called bloodless sacrifice, is celebrated by reading excerpts from the Gospels from the section describing the week of suffering of the Son of God. According to tradition, Christ died on the cross at “the sixth hour of the day, and the veil of the temple in Jerusalem was halved at that hour, the sun was darkened, the dead rose from their graves, and all the bells rang”. Since then, wooden bells have rung on Good Friday, and the bells do not ring until Sunday, when the joy of Christ’s resurrection is first announced.

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