Macedonia to join the EU in 10 years at the earliest, there are many chapters, we need to set conditions, says Bulgarian Prime Minister


In an interview with BTV on Sunday, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov discussed various topics, including relations with North Macedonia.

“Lifting the veto is the wrong way to think. We must say here – RNM will be part of the European Union in 10 years at the earliest. There are many chapters on her way to Europe. We just need to set conditions for ourselves – for example, for the Constitution before the first chapter. In this way, by lifting the veto, we are giving way to North Macedonia. But, in these special chapters we can put all the conditions we need and so we will not solve the problem, which currently exists for a week or two, and we will have 10 years to work together so that RNM can really be a European country and all the rights of the Bulgarians there are fully protected. So the approach needs to be smarter,” Petkov said.

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