Osmani for BTV: The board with the Mihajlov quote is very offensive


In an interview with Bulgarian BTV, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani answered why he considers the opening of the cultural center “Vancho Mihajlov” in Bitola a provocation.

Osmani says that when he enters the center, there is a large sign at the main entrance with a quote from Vancho Mihajlov that reads “The efforts of the so-called Macedonian people to lie to the world are in vain”.

“This is a great insult to our citizens, this is a great insult to the people I represent. This is considered a provocation to our country. I do not believe that the Bulgarian authorities came because of this message from Mihajlov, which was placed at the entrance of the club. But this is how all these messages were interpreted, which angered the citizens. And it is our duty to clarify these issues, to openly say to ourselves what is what provokes us, what makes us angry so that we can create our common future in an open dialogue,” said Osmani.

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