Mickoski: Macedonian workers are humiliated and deprived of their rights as never before, their work is not at all valued


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski personally and on behalf of the party congratulates all citizens on May 1, International Labor Day. Mickoski points out that this year, as never before, Macedonian workers are humiliated and deprived of their rights, and their work is not at all valued.

“Instead of better working conditions, higher wages, workers in Macedonia suffer daily pressures and get fired in times when their cost of living is skyrocketing. The life that was promised to them turned into misery and hopeless everyday life, thinking that by the end of the month they would end. Right before May 1 – International Labor Day, we are witnessing threats, pressure on unions and Macedonian workers as well as obstruction of the constitutionally guaranteed right to strike,” says Mickoski.


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