Students in Macedonia to get a PHD in 1 instead of 4 years


A good part of our doctoral dissertations are prepared online in just one year, instead of a minimum of 4. They list literature for which neither the author has a clue what it is, nor the necessary legality, which needs argumentation from which in turn should follow the conclusion, said Professor Dr. Ljupcho Poposki from Prilep who was president of the Society of Science and Art in Prilep for 11 years, the institution that recently marked 50 years since its formation.

“Such a small nation cannot have so many rectorates, so many deans in the rectorates, it is a terrible formation that takes a lot of money, it sells cheap doctorates, and we will pay dearly for the future,” said Prof. Dr. Ljupcho Poposki, member of DNU Prilep.

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