MoI is in the hands of mafia structures, Spasovski should have resigned by now, says Kovachki


The Ministry of Interior is the most scandalous ministry in the Macedonian government. We have a period when in just 10 days more scandals happened. There was a theft of marijuana worth 2 million euros, and this is not the first time but there was a theft in the same company before, now we have an incident when there is a theft of marijuana oil and no one saw and until we announced the Ministry of Interior was silent, VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki told Alfa TV’s political show.

Kovachki pointed out that during those same 10 days, weapons, bombs, ammunition were stolen from a police station in Ohrid, and the minister was silent and did not hold press conferences for the general public.

“An immediate resignation is usually expected for such work. This is a big scandal. There was a murder of a young handball player that they tried to hide until the videos came out, the Ministry of Interior and the health authorities shouted that it was a simple death of natural causes, and again someone else was to blame, never the government,” said Kovachki.

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