Strike of the Registry Office staff continues


The strike of the employees of the Registry Office will continue until the requirements for signing a collective agreement are met, a linear increase of salaries by 30% and improvement of working conditions, said the President of the Independent Trade Union of the Registry Office Toni Milosheski during the visit to the Regional Department of the institution in Tetovo, intending to inspect how the strike was going, which enters its fifth day today.

“The increase of the minimum wage in 2022 has led to equalization of salaries of employees with different titles. We, as an Independent Trade Union of the Registry Office, believe that there should be a linear increase in the salaries of all UVMK employees, who have not been raised at all for many years. Until 2010 we were under the Ministry of Interior, and since then no one has given us a raise or new titles. We have colleagues who work even after 30 years, and they are even younger officers. There are colleagues who take 14,700 denars, they do not take another 15,200 which was the minimum wage, which normally should now be 18 thousand,” said Miloshevski.

On the fifth day of the strike, the union warns that pressure is being exerted on employees to out an end to it.

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