Kovachevski is pushing Macedonia into the abyss just to stay in power, says VMRO-DPMNE


Kovachevski is pushing Macedonia into the abyss, just to stay in power. Kovachevski is destructive, because of him and SDSM the country is in several crises, and the people are getting poorer, he has no idea how to get the country out of the impasse in which he threw us in and he persistently wants to stay in power and run away from elections, said opposition VMRO -DPMNE.
The people pay 30% more expensive electricity directly, and indirectly through the budget hundreds of millions are paid for the import of expensive electricity and that is all because of the incompetence of the government and the crime in REK.
The prices of basic groceries are up to 100% higher, and wages do not move from a standstill.
The government is the main culprit for the bad situation in the economy. The country is in stagflation. We have both inflation and economic collapse.
Kovachevski is aware that he cannot solve the national catastrophe we are experiencing, caused by them, but he wants to stay in power at any cost, even if the people and the state pay a huge price, added the opposition party.

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