Historian Dechev announces setting up a Bulgarian-Macedonian “Shadow History Commission”


    Bulgarian historian Stefan Dechev announced setting up of a joint Bulgarian-Macedonian “Shadow History Commission”, which will work in parallel with the existing Commission for History and Education and which should pave the way for the negotiation process between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.
    Dechev, who is a member of the newly formed Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Club, told Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) that the new Commission will have its own agenda, its own calendar and its own meetings and goals will show that there must be no scandals after every meeting of historians from both countries.
    Dechev expresses hope that the members of the “Shadow Commission” will be ready for an open dialogue.
    The aim is to show that it is possible to gather people on both sides of the border and to conduct an honest and fruitful dialogue in all areas of life, said Dechev, speaking about the mission of the Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Club, which has more than 120 members.

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