Struga holds liturgy with the relics of Saint George the Victorious


With the service of the founding evening service in the church “St. George the Victorious” in Struga and a prayer procession through the city, this afternoon was held the famous Struga Litany (Eordia) with the relics of St. George the Victorious, the miraculous icon of the saint and the Krmin icon of the Virgin Mary.

The prayer procession from the church of the saint, according to tradition, moved through the central city streets, along the quay of the river CrnDrim, through the Bazaar and returned to the church, where the faithful had the opportunity to worship the relics of St. George.

Sister Efimija from the Rajchica monastery emphasized that, as every year, the people of Struga most hospitably and with dignity welcome the relics of St. George the Victorious and the icon of the Virgin Mary – Mother of God who very strongly pour out their blessing to the general and nationwide joy.

“I say universal and nationwide, because around this litany is united our entire country and neighboring areas,” said Sister Efimija.

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