BPPO raids the Ministry of Interior – is a crime being prosecuted for “Besa trans”?


    Members of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption and investigators raided the Ministry of Interior, at the direction of the Public Prosecutor, seizing extensive documentation related to the protection of the company “Besa Trans”, reports Netpress, citing unofficial sources.
    Namely, according to Netpress’ information, the investigators, under the direction of the public prosecutor, found a large number of hidden documents “in a drawer”, which refer to the investigation and the case of the carrier “Besa Trans”, confiscating documents for the technical inspection station, etc.
    All this extensive documentation is expected to be prepared by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and it is possible that officials from the Ministry of Interior will be included, who are considered to be part of the group that protected the company “Besa Trans”.
    There is no official information with such activities from the Public Prosecutor’s Office yet, but it is expected that as the investigation develops, they will come out with details and information.
    “Besa Trans” was a transport company with many irregularities in operation and working without licenses, whose bus caught fire in Bulgaria and killed 46 passengers on their way back from Turkey, which is also one of the biggest tragedies known to the country.
    Throughout the period, the public has claimed that this company was protected by the government.

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