Mickoski: I’m embarrassed of Talat Xhaferi’s behavior, the lack of reaction and the silence of Kovachevski over the insults to Parliament staff


During Saturday’s visit to the municipality of Kisela Voda within the activity “Changes happen, always with the people” the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski asked regarding the behavior and swearing of Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi and the absence of reactions from the government, the opposition leader emphasized that he was embarassed to know such a person because of the nature of his work and stressed that with his behavior Talat Xhaferi insulted the mothers of the employees in the Parliament who are Macedonians and Albanians and Vlachs, Turks, Serbs and does not understand why Kovachevski is silent and have not reacted yet.
“Well, I’m embarrassed to know that man honestly, I’m ashamed that this is how life made me meet that man and I really cannot understand what it’s that makes Kovachevski turn a deaf ear and that he must keep silent about it, what is it that he has captured and endure this shame and this humiliation, both personally and the citizens. Because he insults the employees who may be Macedonians who are Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Vlachs, Bosniaks, it does not matter, he insults that way. And so it went. No responsibility, no one said anything, not even the media, I must admit, put it at a high level, if a person has a problem with himself, and with his nervous system, there are special institutions that take care of it, the Parliament and the staff there are not the place where one has to treat one’s nervous system. So here I will end as I started, I am ashamed that I even know such people in my life because of the nature of my work,” said Mickoski.

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