Kovachevski: There will be no joint government conference with Bulgaria – no joint solution for an agreement


There will be no joint government conference with Bulgaria on May 22 because agendas do not allow it. At the moment, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs are exchanging ideas, but there is no harmonized joint solution that can be the basis for a mutual agreement, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski on Saturday.
According to Kovachevski, a solution with Bulgaria is possible only if it is based on European values, on the principles of maintaining the dignity of the citizens of both countries and on mutual respect between politicians, institutions and citizens.
“As long as there is no such solution that will be based on these values, there will be no solution. Currently, as in the previous period, the foreign ministries are exchanging ideas, but no joint solution has been voted, which could be the basis for mutual agreement and sharing with the institutions in one or the other country,” Kovachevski said, adding that the talks continue.

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