The SOC Assembly approves canonical unity with the MOC-OA


The Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) accepts the generally recognized canonical status of the Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric granted in 1959 and expresses hope that the SOC will fraternally resolve the final canonical status, the official statement said.

In addition, the decisions that were made on Monday regarding the solution of the long-standing church problem between the SOC and the MOC-OA are listed.

“The Assembly of the SOC welcomes the acceptance of the generally recognized canonical status, which is the status of the widest possible autonomy, i.e. full internal independence granted in 1959. A full liturgical and canonical communion is established. The dialogue on the future and eventually the final status of the dioceses in North Macedonia is not only possible, but also expedient, legitimate and real”, reads the press release.

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