Three possible locations for the construction of a new clinical center, says Minister Sali


The clinical center is a project that has been talked about for 17 years. From the first week when I took office, I said that one of the possible solutions to all the problems we face in healthcare is the construction of a new University Clinic in Skopje, which will be a substitution for the existing one. “It would contribute to the acceleration, i.e. timely diagnosis and treatment of patients, said Minister of Health BekimSali. The Health Minister added that the location still remains GjorchePetrov, Ilinden and another third location, in which there is an existing hospital with upgrading and expansion of the activity.

According to Minister Sali, all the problems will be solved not only by the construction, but also by the organizational part, the merger of the clinics, and the consular cooperation between the clinics would contribute to timely diagnosis and treatment.

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