EUR 22 million from IPA for green ecological transport


Environmental protection is not only one of the sectoral policies of the European Union, but also the basis of all other public policies and is closely related to economic and social development, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bojan Marichikj.
The “Green Transport” project fulfills the ideas and commitments for environmental protection and acts as an example for future integration of similar innovative infrastructure systems in the municipalities, in order to have cleaner air and active use of electric vehicles. It is important to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the air and that is what we all need to fight for.
As part of the project “Integration of green transport in cities”, work activities are underway for installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the “Boro Churlevski” sports center in Bitola and installation of a charging station for electric vehicles.
The total budget of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program with Greece 2014-2020 is 45,470,066 euros EU and national funding, and almost half, 22,735,032 euros are used in projects of the second priority axis – Environmental protection-transport.

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