SSM against reducing workers’ rights for a Sunday non-working day


He Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) is concerned about what they say is reports that a group of lawmakers and the economy minister are preparing changes to laws that would reduce and reduce workers’ rights to a non-working day.
In the SSM reaction it is said that with the fact that the announced draft laws have already been submitted to the Parliament, without social dialogue, the workers as a whole are underestimated, which is inadmissible.
“We are concerned about the information that groups of MPs and the Minister of Economy Bekteshi have prepared draft texts of the Law on Labor Relations and the Law on Trade, which plan to regress and reduce labor rights in order to legalize illegalities, contrary to the expectations of workers and SSM in order to consistently respect the Law on Trade and the Law on Labor Relations in the part of the legal changes for Sunday – non-working day, i.e. day for weekly rest and not to legalize the illegalities,” said the SSM.

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