Humanitarian action to help Ukraine refugees staying in Macedonia


The Deputy Ombudsman Jovan Andonovski together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Macedonia and the Association of Ukrainians in the previous days organized a humanitarian action to help the refugees from Ukraine staying in Macedonia, in the wave of military actions that Russia is carrying out against Ukraine.
In the period from May 25 to 27, all citizens who wanted to help, had the opportunity to leave food, clothes, hygiene items, medicines, funds in the “MOSH Bar”, and on May 27 a party was organized which collected a symbolic 100 denars to help the people of Ukraine.
“What we received as information from the Embassy of Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainians in Macedonia is that these people are facing a number of problems, such as accommodation, further insufficient funds at their disposal and therefore we were encouraged to organize this action,” said Andonovski.

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