307,187 empty apartments in the country – over 40 percent of the total number in Skopje


Out of a total of 839,174 apartments, 531,987 apartments or 63.4 percent are inhabited and 307,187 apartments or 36.6 percent are uninhabited. On average, residential apartments are 103 square meters, while uninhabited apartments are 90 square meters. This is shown by the third set of data from the 2021 Census, published by the State Statistical Office.

The least vacant apartments are in the Skopje region, where out of 243,252 apartments, 29 percent are empty or 70,094. From the Skopje municipalities, Centar has the most empty apartments – 10,865 or over 40 percent of the total number, and Chair has the least empty apartments – 22.5 percent out of a total of 17,771 apartments. It is interesting that in 20 years in Centar the number of apartments has increased by over 30 percent, while in Chair by only 3.62 percent.


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