Handball royalty Kire Lazarov sent to a throne with a crown on his head (PHOTO)


Kire Lazarov played the last match in the arena in Nantes, and the fans of this club knew the best way to thank the Macedonian for everything he did for the team, in which he came after leaving Barcelona and took it to two Final Four finals in the Champions League.

“King Kire” is the nickname that the Macedonian bomber got over the years on the European handball scene, and Nantes crowned him in the best possible way, sitting him on a throne, with a crown on his head, with his family by his side.

There is no doubt, Lazarov is retiring not only as the best Macedonian handball player of all time, but also one of the best in Europe who have ever played this sport. They know this very well in Nantes, so they sent our retired sports legend as befits a giant.

An incredible party took place after the match – Kiril Lazarov was placed in the royal throne with the crown on his head and his family around him, in the spirit of the working title of his farewell – “MERCI KING KIRIL”.

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