The verdict for confiscation of the headquarters is dictated by SDSM and is a defocus from the price increases


The verdict in the “Talir” case was dictated by SDSM, from the headquarters which was illegally appropriated as a former building of the Ministry of Education and Science. They do this not because they are strong but because they are weak and they know that the people do not like them and the rating of SDSM is sinking. VMRO-DPMNE is not the facilities, but the people. The “Talir 2”verdict is a defocus of life in a national catastrophe, price increases and robbery of the people, reads the press release issued by VMRO-DPMNE on Thursday.

The opposition party says that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Court are an extended arm of SDSM.

“The verdict in the “Talir “2 case was written beforehand. It is announced less than 24 hours after the closing arguments. When the judge finds time to analyze the closing arguments, and when he finds time to write the judgment. Unlike the property of VMRO-DPMNE, which was acquired legally, SDSM has usurped the property of the Ministry of Education and Science. SDSM is the only political party in the world that has a building of the Ministry of Education as its party headquarters. The party headquarters of SDSM instead of a dormitory as for the students of the Medical Faculty is now the headquarters of the most criminal party. SDSM should say how they got their headquarters which is a symbol of luxury? Institutions should investigate the case as a state building became a party headquarters,” adds the party’s press release.

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