Integration of the Western Balkans into the EU is the highest priority, conclude Kovachevski and Michel


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, as part of his program of activities during the Prespa Dialogue Forum, met with European Council President Charles Michel, the government press office said on Thursday.
“The meeting, attended by Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, focused on the geopolitical challenges posed by Russian aggression against Ukraine, making accelerating the integration of the Western Balkans into the European Union a top priority, including strengthening the region’s resistance to third party influences,” the Government said in a press release.
Kovachevski and Michel also discussed the country’s participation in several EU-supported regional projects, especially in the area of energy co-operation, such as the gas interconnector with Greece, the Alexandropoulos gas plant and the gas connection with Serbia and Kosovo, which are supported by funds from the EU Economic Investment Plan.

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