VMRO-DPMNE poll: The Government is to blame for the increase


Most of the respondents in the poll conducted by VMRO-DPMNE confirmed that currently with the same money they can buy twice as many products in stores.
The opposition party published the answers to the three survey questionnaires that were delivered to the citizens in key places with the highest frequency of people, in front of the markets, in front of the institutions and in front of the toll booths or a total of 50,000 respondents.
“When asked if the citizens satisfied their existential needs by shopping on a weekly basis, 70% of the citizens answered that they did not satisfy them at all, 17% partially and 13% fully satisfied their needs. The answer to why the results of this question are like this we get in the answer to the next question. And that is why the markets are less? A staggering 85% answered because prices are higher and the cost of living is too high. Nine percent responded that they buy the same quantities, and 7% answered that they have smaller needs in the family. Confirmation that life is getting worse with this government is the answer to the question whether last year with the same money the citizens filled the same basket, where 94% of the citizens answered that it is half empty,” said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva.

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