I have information that Kovachevski’s government has accepted the Paris proposal, claims Mickoski


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with TV 24, commenting on the French proposal and the statements of Kovachevski and Osmani that they still do not have insight into it, said that according to his information it is in line with the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that he will not allow the French government and Macron to send a proposal and not to harmonize it with any communication channels.
“Why is no one talking about the German proposal in the time of Merkel’s government, from their presidency, where he disappeared? Let’s talk about the Portuguese proposal, which our government accepted, did not they say we accept it. Let’s talk about everything that used to be. Why now all this did not cost Radev, and suddenly this is a good proposal, the best. Now we as serious people need to put our finger on the forehead and think about what we do and where we go? And should we think at all and waste time or should we reject it immediately. Because every day the government’s tactics mean that this proposal is the next negotiating position and we go up as far as the Bulgarian demands are concerned. This is not the responsibility of the silent government,” Mickoski said.

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