Tomovski: The people should decide on the French proposal


The Paris proposal is accepted by the Macedonian Government, and the largest opposition party does not accept it – let the elections, let the people decide, said Ivica Tomovski, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Central Committee on Wednesday.

“Diplomats in the country and former senior government officials confirm that Kovachevski’s government has passed the Paris proposal. The proposal to include the Bulgarian demands in the negotiations with the EU was approved by Kovachevski and Osmani, and it must have passed through the channels of communication between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Republic. VMRO-DPMNE does not calculate with the Macedonian national interests, as SDSM does. VMRO-DPMNE rejects the proposal from Paris and believes that it leads only to the assimilation of Macedonians and Bulgarianization of the state. The proposal is not based on European values, but on the rule of the stronger,” says Tomovski.


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