HERA: Young people had limited access to sexual and reproductive health information and services during COVID-19


HERA – Association for Health Education and Research on Friday held a Conference where it shared with the audience the Research on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Youth Rights in Macedonia, conducted by and among young people from five Balkan countries, within the “Youth speak, Youth choose” project. The research documents the needs and experiences of young people in seeking and using information and services for sexual and reproductive health, but also the views and needs of providers of these services and other relevant stakeholders.

Feelings of fear and anxiety among young mothers due to poor awareness of COVID-19 have affected their health security on many levels – how and when to see a doctor and schedule an appointment or telephone consultation, but also where to get relevant information. on how COVID- 19 and the vaccine against the virus affect the development of the fetus, but also on breastfed babies.


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