Tupancheski: The courts must not hide their work from those in whose interest they act


Macedonian Minister of Justice Nikola Tupancheski attended the VII Ohrid School of Natural Law. Addressing the topic “Maintaining a democratic society by strengthening its institutions”, Tupancheski said that the Ministry of Justice is committed to creating as many conditions as possible to strengthen the institutions that should enable the development of a democratic society.
In this regard, the establishment of the Judicial-Media Council, which is composed of representatives of the judiciary and the media, is supported in order to strengthen the trust between these two parties and to provide proper and objective information on court proceedings in the public interest, without thereby violating the basic human rights of the participants in the proceedings.
The courts as state bodies must not hide their work from those in whose interest they act. This will strengthen the citizens’ trust in the government and the deviant behaviors will be sanctioned.

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