Police confiscate 11 mobile phones, 5 knives and 5 screwdrivers in one cell in Shtip Prison raid


The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior inform that on Tuesdaya police raid was carried out in the Shtip prison between 6 am and 9 am, and organized by the Administration for Execution of Sanctions, the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor.

During the search in the prison premises, 11 mobile phones, 5 knives, 5 screwdrivers and 23,500 denars were found in one person’s cell. Bags of prichotropic substances and illicit substances were also found in one cell.

According to the Ministry of Interior, searches were conducted in 11 cells in different departments in the Shtip prison with 39 convicted persons who are serving prison sentences. During the searches, the following items were found and confiscated: lumps, items with remnants of dust, mobile phones, a larger amount of money than legally allowed, knives and several other sharp objects, metal rods and other hard objects.


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