Macedonia to build two photovoltaic power plants, FE Bitola-1 and FE Oslomej-2


AD ESM signed an agreement with EBRD for a favorable credit line for the construction of two photovoltaic power plants, FE Bitola-1 of 20 megawatts and FE Oslomej-2 of 10 megawatts. The construction of the two power plants will cost around 25 million euros, of which 5.7 million euros will be a grant from the European Commission, which reduces the loan and the construction costs themselves by 20 percent.
As AD ESM informs, this is an indication that European institutions value the efforts of the Government and ESM for a quick and fair transition to green energy.
“Fe Bitola-1 of 20 megawatts will mean the beginning of the energy transition of REK Bitola. The plant will be built on top of a depleted coal mine and will be the largest state-owned solar plant. Other projects for photovoltaic power plants in the area of the combine are being prepared for REC Bitola, of another 260 megawatts,” the announcement reads.
At the moment AD ESM is in the process of realizing 12 projects in renewable energy sources, which will bring an installed power of 1760 megawatts, which is more than the existing installed power of the current capacities of ESM, of 1420 megawatts.

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