The protocol with Bulgaria is not in the negotiation framework with the EU, claims Osmani


If we say yes, the framework is adopted immediately, and the first intergovernmental conference can be held tomorrow. The EU will say “Welcome to the opening of the negotiations for the Republic of North Macedonia” and that is the statement for the opening of the conference and the beginning of the screening. Negotiations are starting as all countries have started, claims the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani.
In an interview with Telma TV, Osmani said that in the process of accession to the EU so far there has not been a country that did not have some specific moment, and in almost every special accession process, Brussels invents some creative solution.
The minister said that changes are required in two places in the Constitution in the preamble where it says “Macedonian people, part of the Albanian people, Turkish people, Serbian, Roma, Vlachs, Bosniaks etc” to add “part of the Montenegrin people, Croatian people, Bulgarian people” and then in amendment 12 where the Committee for Ethnic Communities is after all listed to say “part of Montenegrin people, Croatian people, Bulgarian people”.
Regarding the Protocol agreed with Bulgaria, Osmani says that it is a separate, final product and is not in the framework. It is a bilateral document, an obligation of the Good Neighborliness Treaty.

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