Mayor Arsovska fires acting director of Communal Hygiene – his brother used a firearm at the Skenderbeg Square


The acting director Zudi Enuzi has been dismissed from the position of acting official of the Public Enterprise Communal Hygiene, the mayor of the City of Skopje Danela Arsovska informed Wednesday night. The press release states that the City of Skopje, as a city of coexistence and solidarity, must not be a center of violence and clashes with firearms and the creation of inter-ethnic tensions between our fellow citizens.

Politics is gaining momentum and in no case must it affect the professionalism of the management of the institutions.

“Despite the professional management of PE Communal Hygiene by Zudi Enuzi, my code of ethics does not allow him to continue managing the company. That is why he has been dismissed from the position of acting official,” reads Arsovska’s press release.



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