“They are ready to make concessions that they must justify”: Bulgarian report reveals details that the Macedonian government is hiding from the citizens


The Bulgarian MFA has prepared and published a report on the negotiations with Macedonia regarding the French proposal for Macedonia.

In it, as before, the Macedonian citizens, instead of from their Government, receive concealed information from the Bulgarian side.

Point 4 of this report states:

“The current government of N. Macedonia has a strategic interest in starting membership negotiations with the EU and is ready to make concessions, and is even ready to politically justify them in front of its voters.”

This Bulgarian report, in fact, only confirmed the suspicions of the Macedonian people that the leaders of the Government of Macedonia were silent for some time and that they gave the impression that they were hiding something.

At home, they are trying to convince the people that they are protecting the interests of the country, and in Bulgaria they are announcing concessions that they are then aware that they have to justify to the voters who are currently manipulating them.

Read the entire report at the following link.

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