Two Tetovo residents called for police questioning for sending threats via Facebook


The Tetovo police called for an official questioning one resident of the city of Tetovo and one resident of a Tetovo village from the surrounding area, who threatened and promoted hatred and violence in comments on Facebook, the Ministry of the Interior has informed on Sunday.

“The Department of Internal Affairs Tetovo, in coordination and cooperation with the Department of Computer Crime and Digital Forensics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, completely cleared two cases of comments with threatening content that promoted or incited hatred and violence, written on posts from internet portals,” say the police.

“Due to the suspicion that they are the authors of such comments, J.L. (40) from Tetovo and D.R. (37) from the Tetovo village were called to the Tetovo Police Station Saturday evening (07.09.2022), an official questioning was conducted with both of them , and D.R. has confessed to the crime”, added the Ministry of the Interior.

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