AEK grants approvals for 5G network to “Macedonian Telekom” and “A1 Macedonia”


The Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK) today granted “Macedonski Telecom” and “A1 Macedonia” approvals for the fifth mobile generation 5G, making N. Macedonia the first country in the Western Balkans to introduce a real 5G network.

Currently, as the director of AEK, JetonAqiku, said, “Macedonian Telekom” has already covered the territory of 16 cities with the 5G network and is working in the part of Tetovo and Gostivar, and “A1 Macedonia” is working on covering the territory of Skopje. According to him, “Macedonian Telekom” is expected to be the first to cover the entire territory of the country with a functional 5G network, which should be 10 times faster than 4G.

“We made measurements on the 5G network which showed that the radiation with this technology is far less than the old 4G. As AEK we did what we could, we measured, we will measure and we will continue to measure to scientifically show that there is no such radiation as they are accusing on social networks. We will do our best to inform the citizens that there is no need to panic,” said Aqiku after granting the approvals.

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