Social dialogue with “WILL” and NO manipulations!!!


We are asking the Minister for Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska, according to her statement and new promise, for which workers in the public sector, as a good government, without asking the unions, there WILL be K-15, whether for the employees in the Healthcare, Police, Military, Education workers – the entire Public Sector for 138,000 workers???
More specifically, where is that right established in which Collective Agreement or Law or is it a new manipulation of 138,000 workers with “CE”, or only for 15,000 workers in the public sector who are under the Branch Collective Agreement of the UPOZ Union at SSM and that right they are guaranteed in the collective agreement, so under the force of lawsuits against the state you have the obligation to provide them as funds, but unfortunately they are not provided for in the rebalance either, but they WILL be provided additionally according to the statement of your colleague Minister Fatmi Besimi!
The workers are still waiting for the methodology, but the price shocks in the stores and the new price of electricity are not waiting, and the wages are not enough to cover the new methodologies of the Government for increasing prices everywhere, which the worker has to pay to survive!

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