If the hemofiltration was MKD 500, you wouldn’t have complained, says Minister Sali


If hemofiltration was MKD 500, you wouldn’t have complained, said the Minister of Health Bekim Sali at Wednesday’s press conference regarding the published IRL story about the “Zhan Mitrev” Clinic.

Your complaint is not medical, but financial. You have the Financial Police for that. If the complaint is about the amount of money, we here believe that health knows no finances. If hemofiltration was MKD 500, you would not have complained. So it’s not like that. Antibiotics that have been used massively have also left consequences. We are only now dealing with the post-COVID consequences. In these cases, you cannot look only from a financial point of view. No minister, doctor can say that during the COVID-19 crisis something was done based on evidence. Everything that was done was based on past experiences, the virus is new and no one is sure what it is doing. I ask that we be correct,” said Minister Sali.

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