Mickoski: There is no screening, no negotiations, yesterday was only a photo shoot, Albania will negotiate, while we sit in the waiting room


There is no screening, no negotiations. What they call screening is monitoring that has been going on since the first moment when we are a candidate country, since 2005, or 17 years, said the party leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, answering journalist’s questions, during Wednesday’s visit to Butel municipality.

Mickoski pointed out that maybe according to the authorities it is called screening, but there is no connection and this is clearly shown in the documents they signed yesterday.

– There are no accession negotiations, nor will they start. The position is clear, in order to start the negotiations, it is necessary to change the Constitution, according to the Common Position of the European Union, Article 11 says that the Constitution must be changed first, that is, a part of the Bulgarian people must be inserted in the Preamble, and only then should it be maintained that real intergovernmental organization that will start leading the process of screening and opening the clusters and chapters, stressed Mickoski.

The opposition leader added that yesterday there was only a simple photo-shoot and cake eating. “That’s roughly what happened yesterday. Albania will negotiate, while we sit in the waiting room, ”  said Mickoski.

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