Risteski demands fast police investigation: This is an attack on my life, on my family


MP  from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE from Prilep, Petar Risteski, whose vehicle was set on fire in front of his family home last night, around two o’clock in the morning, and partly also his father’s vehicle, stated that this was an attack on him and demanded the Ministry of Interior and the institutions to clear up the case immediately.

As Risteski stated, the event happened around 1:45 am when the entire family of seven was at home. They ran after a report from the neighbors and an explosion was heard.

“When I got out, the vehicle Skoda Kodiak was on fire. We immediately called the fire brigade. My father’s vehicle also caught fire, both are right in front of the family home. The quick intervention of the fire brigade prevented the fire from spreading to the house. And there was a real possibility, because the fire spread to the tree. For me, this is an attack on my life, on my family. A similar case has happened before. Four years ago, my weekend house burned down. Obviously, after my impressive address in the Parliament on Friday, someone was bothered by it and if the case is not cleared up during the day, I will consider it a direct attack on me and my family,” said Risteski.

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