Over 30 percent of families in the country are married couples without children, shows the latest census


There are a total of 538,348 families in the country, of which 62 percent live in urban areas and 38 percent in rural areas. In terms of family composition, most or 43 percent of them are married couples with at least one child under 25 living with them, while 31 percent are childless couples, the fourth data set of the Census of Population, Households and Housing 2021, the State Statistics Office (SSO) informed on Wednesday.

Over 26 thousand families or 4.9 percent of families are single mothers with at least one child under 25 years of age, and over nine thousand families or 1.7 percent are single fathers with at least one child under 25 years of age.

More than ten percent or about 58 thousand families are married couples with the youngest child aged 25 or older living with them.

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