Mickoski tells DW: The red line of the EU’s endless tolerance for unreasonable blockades has been passed


I think that the only red lines that were crossed were those of the sale of the Macedonian identity, the rough trade with our historical heritage and cultural landmarks on which we as a nation build our country and nurture our identity. Knowing the European bureaucracy, I understand Mr. Várhelyi who, as a politician in the EU, wants another completed chapter on his desk.

And at the same time, it is clear to me that from his point of view it is difficult to understand what is extremely important for us, which is our identity and the right to exist as a small nation, and that in a state when our neighbor has aspirations and unjustifiably blocks us and taking advantage of the weak and corrupt government, which, unable to deliver results, trades in identity symbols.

The commissioner should understand that in a situation where no one from the government consulted the opposition during the drafting of the document, when the opposition and our requests to publicly publish the text of the protocol with the Bulgarian megalomaniac demands were completely ignored, when a negotiation framework was accepted that we have no real starting point of the negotiations but an ordinary photo-session and the same problems that remained, the only red line that was crossed is that of common sense, of the identity recognition of Macedonia and the people as well as the EU’s endless tolerance of unreasonable blockades and patting in place, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told Deutsche Welle in an interview on Wednesday.

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