New case of African swine fever confirmed in the country


The Agency for Food and Veterinary Medicine (AHV) informs pig farmers that it has received confirmation from the Veterinary Institute at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Skopje about the occurrence of a new case of African swine fever in a farm with an extensive way of keeping pigs in the village of Moshtica, municipality of Makedonska Kamenica.

After the report of suspicion of the disease in the farm was submitted, an official control was carried out by the inspection services of the AHV, and after the laboratory testing of the samples taken from two dead pigs by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the presence of the disease was confirmed. All the necessary measures to destroy the virus have been implemented at the farm, and an epidemiological investigation is underway to determine the causative agent,” said the AHV head Nikolche Babovski.

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